Brian Sørenson

Brian Sørenson - Musician & Producer

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1. Axiom … [1’14’’]
2. Down the Mountain … [3’41’’]
3. Fierce Mirror …  [3’45’’]
4. Take Control  … [3’32’’]
5. Aphorism … [2’04’’]
6. Shape of Fire … [4’34’’]
7. Anomaly of Fate … [3’41’’]
8. Apothegm … [2’19’’]


Brian Sørenson -
Lead and Background Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon-String Guitar, 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Bass Guitar (except Track 6)
Cameron Johnson - Drums (except Track 5)
Michael Rhodes - Electric Bass Guitar (Track 6)
Pete Abbott - Drums (Track 5)

Composer and Lyricist: Brian Sørenson
Recorded at Segue 61 Studio, Nashville, TN
Produced by Brian Sørenson
Engineered by Brian Sørenson
Mixing and Mastering by Jamie King
at The Basement Recording, Winston-Salem, NC
Artwork by Tyler Space

Released March 2, 2018

  • Vocals - All vocals were recorded with a Shure SM7 into an API 312 preamp, a Universal Audio 1176 compressor, and Pro Tools HD. 

  • Guitars -

    • Several electric guitars were used including:

      • 1990 Fender American Strat Ultra (E standard)

      • PRS S2 single cut (D standard)

      • Gibson Les Paul Traditional (E standard)

      • ESP Custom Shop Viper (D standard)

    • The 12 string guitar on "Shape of Fire" is a Taylor 150e (D standard)

    • The 6 string acoustic guitars are a Collings OM (E standard)

    • The Classical Guitar sections are recorded with a Frederich Holtier Cedar Concert Double Top with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. (track 1 in D standard, track 8 in open d minor.)

  • A 5-string Warwick Bass (D standard) was used for tracks 2-5 and 7. A Fender American Jaguar bass (E standard) was also used on track 5.

  • Michael Rhodes played as a guest on the title track. Shown above tracking.

  • The mandolin orchestra on Aphorism is all layers of the Kentucky Mandolin shown above.

  • Amps - (All through a Mesa 2x12 cab with vintage 30s, with a SM57 and Royer 121, through API 312)

    • Mesa Mark V

    • Fender Supersonic 60

    • Mesa Dual Rectifier

    • Bogner Goldfinger

    • Divided by 13 

  • Any effect were added with the Fractal Audio Systems FX8

  • Drums were performed by Cameron Johnson (tracks 2-4, 6-7) and Pete Abbott (track 5)

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